Mission Statement

Established in 1961, North Shore Volunteers for Seniors (NSVS), is a non-profit society dedicated to promoting the independence and well-being of Seniors on the North Shore. Since its founding, the organisation has grown and changed, adapting to different financial and societal conditions, maintaining throughout this time its original mandate.


Volunteers are the backbone of NSVS.  Volunteers give the incalculable gift of inter-generational interaction and stimulations to our Client-Members through the time they spend communicating.  Volunteer report that their own lives are greatly enriched by participating in our holistic approach to valuing our Seniors through shared time.  NSVS Volunteers are VERY much appreciated for their dedication and commitment to Seniors in our Community.


Locally, we benefit from funding from The District of West Vancouver, The District of North Vancouver, The City of North Vancouver, Kiwanis, The West Vancouver Firefighter’s Charitable Society and the North Shore Community Foundation.

Provincially, we benefit from funds received from Gaming and from Coastal Health.

Federally, we have participated in the Summer Employment program for university students administered by Service Canada. We have also benefitted by receiving grants from the New Horizons for Seniors Program.

HomeCare West

HomeCare West is one of NSVS’s Community Partners, working together to improve the lives of Seniors on the North Shore.  HomeCare West provides the best possible care for individual needs, offering a wide variety of services, from home-care assistants to registered nurses. Their approach focuses on health and wellness, supporting active living and encouraging Clients not to just stay at home, but to live well and independently.